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Woodchip for commercial boilers

Woodchip for commercial boilers

A reliable supply of wood chip with a low moisture content is one of the most significant factors affecting the operation of your biomass boiler.


We only use local virgin wood from sustainable sources

  • Woodchip is cheaper per kwh than heating oil or electricity.
  • We only use local virgin wood from sustainable sources.
  • We are registered on the biomass suppliers list insuring traceability and allowing you to claim your RHI payments.
  • 3p per kwh compared to 6p per kwh for oil and 11p per kwh for electricity.
  • Our woodchip has a consistently low moisture content producing an optimum efficiency burn.
  • Chip size is G50 using a 450mm mouthed Kesla chipper.
  • Woodchip is dried on our designated drying floor to provide consistency of our product.
  • Our woodchip is stored indoors in a specially designed store.

Wood pellets

Wood pellets for domestic boilers

Pellets are FSC Certified

  • Our pellets are produced from virgin wood sourced locally from the Galloway Forest.
  • We sell 10kg bags which are ideal for smaller domestic boilers.
  • For larger boilers we supply 1.35 tonne tote bags containing loose pellets.
  • Bulk blown deliveres: we can blow up to 20 tonnes of pellets into your fuel store at any one time.
  • Pellets are certified by the European Pellet Council with ENplus A1.
  • We deliver exactly to your requirements without minimal order quantities.

The UK is already heavily dependent on importing energy from countries such as Norway, Qatar and Russia. As a result of the G7 Summit, the government has now started to focus on the development of the renewable energy industry by offering the Renewable Heat Incentive, quarterly payments for generating heat from renewable sources for the next 20 years.

By changing from fossil to wood fuel, the constant fluctuations in price of oil and gas can be avoided and the opportunity to lower your carbon footprint becomes a reality.


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